Transforming a city’s heart. 405 Bourke Street has reached completion as 2021 draws to a close. A stunning addition to the CBD core, it provides A Grade Accommodation and an artisanal retail laneway connecting Bourke and Little Collins streets.

A stone’s throw from Bourke Street Mall, major transport hubs and the city’s famed laneways. 405 Bourke Street offers unique large scale, open plan floor plates from 2,200 sqm for superb productivity. The building opens with NAB as its anchor tenant. 405 Bourke Street is partnering with CAPACITY for their emergency requirements. We are proud to partner with Melbourne’s latest premium addition to the skyline.




The building comprises a new 43-level office tower providing 63,309
square metres of premium office space and 3,237 square metres of retail integrated into the facility via Makers Lane.
Construction and emergency planning has been impacted by Victoria’s ongoing pandemic restrictions thus increasing the complexity of almost every aspect of emergency preparedness.

The development of an Emergency Plan commenced well before construction finished and occupation by the tenants. Throughout the process the major tenant NAB has been an active participant ensuring that the planning and procedures are complimentary to all aspect of the facility and in unison to existing NAB procedures and requirements.

405 Bourke


In order to streamline NAB’s uptake of the building emergency inductions and training has commenced via online training sessions augmented with introductory video orientation for general staff. Chief Warden training was conducted prior to tenant occupation to ensure that a base level of understanding existed in all staff expected to undertake the role of responding as Chief Warden in the event of an emergency.

Working with Security staff appointed to the facility ensures that existing security procedures can be incorporated into training and testing regime for the wide variety of security related emergencies and how best to maintain security of the facility even during emergencies.

405 Bourke street scape


A robust regime of emergency training session will precede emergency exercises. The location of the facility does not offer sufficient nearby space for a traditional Assembly Area and some lateral thinking has been required to combat this ever-increasing problem in most CBD’s worldwide. In 2022 the foundations of emergency response procedures will have been laid and pandemic restrictions allowing, emergency exercises will put the planning and preparedness to the test.

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