720 Bourke is a unique development comprising of 16 levels of A-Grade office accommodation with Premium Grade Services.

The building features Australia’s first living facade and extensive integrated landscaped park lands. Nestled alongside Marvel Stadium, at the western end of the pedestrian foot bridge, the site overlooks Victoria Harbour and is adjacent to Southern Cross Railway Station.

The building also features a multi-level podium, with dual entry from Bourke Street and Concourse level with the Concourse lobby being separate to the anchor tenant entry lobby. The podium levels are connected via a light filled atrium space and sculptural ramp. The design incorporates large column spans of up to 15m, maximising floor space efficiency and a raised access floor to all levels allows for cost effective planning and flexibility for future modifications to workspace areas.




CAPACITY worked with Jones Lang LaSalle and Cbus Property during construction in 2014 to ensure that emergency planning was well underway as the building took shape and that its unique interior and features were factored into emergency response procedures.

After an extensive emergency management training program with all tenants and retailers, 720 Bourke Street’s first emergency exercise was conducted in September 2015.



Since 2015 a continuous emergency management training regime has been provided to all tenants ensuring that adequate numbers of trained personnel are always available. Additional training has been conducted at the request of individual tenants to cater for new tenants, or tenants that require additional attention to their particular circumstances or location.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, training continued via online training sessions to ensure that staff repatriated to the facility as pandemic restrictions subside, are trained and ready.



Multiple exercises have been conducted involving portions of the facility and the whole facility. Each exercise is scenario based and seeks to test the different response procedures to different threats. The result is not only a demonstrable example of the emergency capabilities in response to traditional threats, but also emergency personnel and systems capable of responding to emerging threats and issues.

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